Pet Care Services​ in Spring Hill, Florida

Pets are part of the family too.

These days almost every second person owns a pet. If you are elderly, there are many benefits of having one. But, despite the benefits of this, as you age caring for a loved companion can become difficult.

Of course, older adults can be reluctant to let go of their animal partners. There is no reason why they should. At Affinity Home Care Services in Hernando County, FL we can provide the services that your loved one needs that owns a pet.  

Our pets give us unconditional love, and we should look to provide them with the same in return even when a time comes that we can’t take care of them the same way we were able to.  So, if you or an elderly loved one has a companion that needs additional attention, we at have a solution.

Companion Care in Spring Hill, FL

Pet Services at Affinity Home Care Services

We have created our offering based on what people ask of us most often. Basically, people want their pets taken care of in many different capacities.  Some attention while they’re away on business or have been unexpectedly called away.  Or in other instances, just simply a little help with daily care to include: 

  • Pet sitting – This service gives you a designated pet caregiver. Our employee will come to your residence to feed, walk and play with them. Take them to the veterinarian for appointments and more.  You can hire our caregiver for an hour, day, or few days a week. They are available both during the day and at night hours.
  • Live-In-Care – In this case, a caregiver would come and live with the owner. People usually decide for this type of care due to illness or owners’ inability to move.
  • Additional services – These services include full care of your pet. We can provide a comprehensive service, which includes bathing and grooming with a licensed professional.  

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